With many Americans still uninformed about the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act, two large corporations have teamed up to educate consumers.   Deerfield-based Walgreen Co. and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an umbrella group for state-based Blue Cross plans across the country, launched a national educational campaign on the health care overhaul law in an effort to bring consumers up to speed on the coverage they’ll soon be required to carry.

With open enrollment for health insurance exchanges less than three months away, the nation’s largest drugstore chain and the largest association of health care plans in the country have joined forces in a campaign labeled the largest effort by any entity to promote the health care law.  The focal point of the campaign is to encourage people to use state-based insurance marketplaces to shop for health coverage.  The new campaign uses in-store advertisements and informational brochures that direct consumers to a new website, http://www.learnaboutreform.com 

Walgreen relied upon Blue Cross for state-specific information in the promotional materials, but it does not direct customers to the insurer’s plans or make specific coverage recommendations.  The campaign hopes to offer a resource of user friendly information about the health care reform changes for the estimated 6 million people visit who visit one of Walgreen’s  8,500 stores each day.

Even without a direct benefit for the association, it stands to gain from the campaign to raise awareness of the exchanges. Many of its 38 state and local health plans have committed to providing plans on the state-based insurance marketplaces next year.   The campaign is not expected to be a direct revenue generator for the chain but much is at stake for health care providers like Walgreen, which stand to gain millions of new customers under the law.

Hopefully the campaign will help educate some of the millions of Americans that don’t understand the changes coming their way.