Steve Stephens, the Cleveland killer who uploaded a video of himself shooting an elderly man on Easter Sunday-has killed himself after a police chase in Pennsylvania.  Stephens was on the run for two days after uploading a video of the senseless murder, as well as two other videos explaining why he committed the crime.  In a video made prior to the shooting, Stephens explains that he just snapped and that his ex-girlfriend Joy Lane was to blame for what he was about to do.  He mentions that he had lost everything he had to gambling debts and that he has tried to talk about his problems with friends and family but that they act like his problems aren’t that serious.

In the video of the killing, Stephens approaches Robert Godwin, a 74 year old grandfather of 14, as he is walking down the street.  Stephens asks Godwin if he knows Joy Lane and then makes the man repeat the name saying “Joy Lane is the reason this is about to happen to you”.  Godwin replies “Joy Lane, I don’t know any Joy Lane” as he raises his arms to protect himself-before being shot dead.  Godwin, 74, was shot while walking home from an Easter meal with his children in Cleveland.

After uploading the video on Facebook, Stephens posted a Facebook live video of himself driving in his car while talking on the phone and dubbing his crime spree “The Joy Lane Easter Massacre” while claiming to have already killed a dozen other people.  He claimed he would keep killing at random until Joy Lane or his mother called him.

Joy Lane, Stephens on again-off again girlfriend of a few years, told several news agencies that she tried to reach him shortly after the video surfaced but he did not pick up his phone.  She said she was overwhelmed by the tragedy and apologized for what had happened-wishing for prayers for the victim’s family.

After the video surfaced, Cleveland residents were left reeling in fear that an active shooter was still in the area killing innocent people at random.  For two days, authorities across the country scrambled to find Stephens, believing he may have headed east to family in New York.  On Sunday, Stephens’ cell phone pinged a cell tower 100 miles east of Cleveland, in Erie, Pennslyvania.

The manhunt came to an end shortly after an employee spotted Stephens’ white Ford Fusion in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s near Erie and called authorities.  The franchise owner said Stephens ordered chicken nuggets and fries at the McDonald’s drive-thru window in Harborcreek Township when employees recognized him.  Stephens was two cars behind in the drive-thru lane to pick up food as police were on their way.

The McDonalds employee’s tried to give police more time to arrive by telling Stephens the fries were not ready but he took the nuggets and left.  Authorities spotted him as he fled the area and gave chase.  Police said that an officer performed a “PIT” maneuver, a strategic way of ramming a car to disable it.  As the vehicle was spinning out of control from the PIT maneuver, Stephens pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head.

Authorities were uncertain how long Stephens was in the area and don’t believe he had any accomplices.  No other victims have been confirmed.