At a time in the US where tensions are boiling over following police shootings of unarmed citizens and two separate revenge based attacks on police officers, another shooting has occurred in North Miami.  Police officers were dispatched to a call of a man with a gun, threatening suicide.  Behavioral Therapist Charles Kinsey was with his autistic client, Rinaldo.  Rinaldo was visibly agitated and carrying an object in his hand which turned out to be a toy truck.

A video of the incident has since gone viral.  It shows the events leading up to the incident but not the actual shooting.  When officers arrived, Charles Kinsey laid on his back with his arms up in the air.  The video shows the police officers a short distance away with guns drawn as they shout instructions to Kinsey.  Kinsey is told to lay on his stomach as the patient Rinaldo sits at his feet shouting at him.  Kinsey, still on his back shouts to police that he is a behavioral therapist at a group home and that all Rinaldo has is a toy truck.  He then says please don’t shoot me andasks if  he can please get up.

As Rinaldo grows increasingly agitated he continues shouting and moving around so Kinsay shouts to him to calm down and please be still.  The video then cuts to moments after Kinsey is shot in the leg and police have them both cuffed on the ground.

James Kinsey was interviewed while in the hospital recovering and stated that he asked the officer “Sir why did you shoot me?” and the officer responded “I don’t know”.  Through his union, the officer who shot Charles Kinsey has said that the shooting was “accidental.” At the time of the shooting, the officer had actually been aiming for the man sitting on the ground next to Kinsey.

The head of the police union told the Miami Herald the officer thought Kinsey was in danger and was aiming at the autistic patient, and missed. The autistic man was not armed and was holding a toy truck while sitting cross-legged in the middle of the road as his therapist was down on the ground next to him.

The shooting remains under investigation. The officer, Jonathan Aledda, 30, has been placed on administrative leave. No weapons were found at the scene, police said.  The shooting has fueled more outrage across the country as many feel the racial divide widening.