A McKinney Texas pool party turned dangerous when a fight broke out at a public pool. When police responded to reports of the disturbance they came upon the scene of teens running away in all directions. But it’s what one of the officers did next that has caused so much controversy. In a bystander video that has since gone viral, Officer Eric Casebolt is seen cursing at several black teenagers, unholstering and pointing his gun at boys and throwing the 14-year-old bikini clad girl to the ground, his knees pressed down on her back.

Now let’s clarify that the initial viral video only captures seven minutes of what happened at the pool that day once police arrived but additional videos show a fight between two white women and a black teen. Two eyewitnesses have confirmed that the two white women in the fight video made racial comments toward the teens which started the fight.

In the first video, it begins with an adult white woman and what appears to be a much younger African American girl locked in a fight, with each holding the others hair attempting to throw punches. A group of black teens initially act as observers but eventually try to separate the two. Another white woman, now known as Tracey-Carver Allbritton, at first seems to be trying to break up the fight, but quickly decides to start throwing punches to the top of the younger girls head. After a few seconds the fight is broken up and both parties go their separate ways.

The second video of the events that occurred is the one that initially went viral and shows the police responding to the scene as the crowd of teenagers scatter at the sight of the cops. The officers frantically chase the teenagers as they scatter and yell at them to get on the ground. They order the remaining teens on the ground and begin handcuffing some of them.

Officer Casebold walks over to a group of girls telling them to leave the area. The group of girls walk away in different directions and Casebold can be heard yelling for them to not run their mouths. He then walks toward one of the girls as she walks away yelling something at him. He grabs her and forces her to a sitting position on the ground.   She is visible scared and starts yelling for someone to call her mom as a couple of boys rush toward her and Officer Casebold. That’s when Officer Casebold pulls his gun and aims it at the boys who run off. Two other officers can be seen running after the boys. Officer Casebold then puts his gun away and then drags the girl by her arm and slams her to a face down position and placing his knee in her back.

Officer Eric Casebold has since resigned but the video has done more than just ended his 10 year career. It has further divided our nation and fanned the flames of racial tension that have been burning for a while. The biggest take away from this video should be for parents to educate their children how not to act in the presence of police. Nothing excuses his excessive actions but the chaotic scene could easily have turned deadly so I think it’s safe to say that rushing toward an officer from behind is not a good idea.