A shootout in Waco Texas involving rival motorcycle gangs has left nine dead and more than a dozen injured. The shooting involved members of the Bandidos, a large motorcycle club that dominates the state of Texas and a smaller club called the Cossacks. The two clubs had planned to meet at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco to discuss a truce after being at odds for years.

According to reports, minutes after the Bandido’s arrived, punches were thrown and the shooting started. Only a few of the Cossacks members were armed while it’s been reported that the Bandidos were heavily armed. The shooting sent bikers running for cover to escape the melee.

Restaurant footage shows the shooting began after a confrontation between two rival gangs in the eatery’s parking lot. The security footage has not been released to the public but was shown to the media. Video of the Twin Peaks’ patio shows at least three people were holding handguns, but only one fired into the parking lot.

Most of the leather-clad patrons ran away from the shooting or ducked under tables to dodge violence while some bikers tried to direct other people to safety. One camera angle showed people piling into the men’s bathroom for cover. When there was no more room left, the bikers dashed toward the kitchen.

Nearly 200 people were arrested after the bloody Sunday rampage that left nine people dead and another 18 injured. By Wednesday night, police recovered 318 weapons — 118 handguns, 157 knives and 43 others, including an AK-47 — but were still counting more. The knives, guns and blunt objects were stashed around Twin Peaks restuarant — including in its toilets and inside bags of tortilla chips — and were likely left in a rush effort to ditch evidence.

Waco Police Spokesman W. Patrick Swanton stated 22 members of law enforcement were present prior to the outbreak of the shooting, including 10 members of the Waco SWAT unit, 2 sergeants, 1 rookie, the Asst. Police Chief and 4 state troopers.

Newly released information includes the Waco Police stating 14 Waco PD officers were involved in firing shots during the shootout but it is still unclear if any of the dead or wounded were shot by police or rival gang members. Police said they returned fire after being shot at.

Waco officers were already prepared for something to go down when they noticed at least five different biker groups arrive at a nearby shopping area.  So far, only three groups have been confirmed to be involved in the shootout. Waco police expect more violence between these gangs to follow as one officer stated “this kind of violence only breeds more violence with these groups”.