ISIS has claimed responsibility for the shooting in Garland, TX outside that city’s Curtis Culwell Center. People had gathered at an event featuring controversial cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. At around 6:50pm, two gunmen exited their vehicle outside the entrance to the event and began shooting at a patrol car parked outside. The gunmen, who wore body armor, had six guns — a mix of assault-style semiautomatic rifles and handguns.

An armed, off-duty Garland police officer who was working security at the event and an unarmed security officer were exiting the patrol car as the gunmen opened fire on them. Gunfire reverberated around the complex, from the two gunmen, and the armed officer.

The shooting only lasted about 15 seconds, before four members of a nearby SWAT team came in firing their high-powered rifles, but the two gunmen were already down. The Garland police officer, armed with only a Glock 45 pistol took down both suspects despite them being heavily armed, quickly stopping an attack that could have been far more deadly. The gunmen have been identified as Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi.

The Garland police officer who has not been identified for his safety, has been hailed a hero for miraculously taking down both heavily armed attackers with just a service pistol. Authorities knew ahead of time that there could be trouble this weekend in Garland.

Many Muslims firmly denounce cartoons that depict Mohammed as offensive to their faith. And some extremists have turned to violence to express their opposition, by attacking those behind such drawings, as they did in the January massacre at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine and a February incident at a Copenhagen, Denmark, forum attended by Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks.