The weather has been particularly frigid across the country lately.  Last year it was credited to the Polar Vortex and this year’s culprit is the Siberian express that has sent temperatures dropping well below zero in some states.

Nearly half the nation was plunged into a deep freeze with some areas dropping to record low temperatures.  The jet stream is carrying air from the Arctic and Siberian regions south across the central and eastern parts of the United States.   In New York City, it was a bone-chilling 2 degrees in Central Park at 8 a.m. and wind gusts made it feel like 15 degrees below zero.  The all-time record low temperature in the city, is 15 degrees below zero, set on Feb. 9, 1934.

A drone flew over a nearly-frozen Niagara Falls and captured a wintry scene of frozen falls.  The falls won’t freeze over completely because the water is rushing too fast but the images were a breathe taking yet frigid reminder that winter is here for a while.

Typically, as the air moves south, it warms up but this is not happening now because the ground is completely snow packed in many areas of the nation.  Parts of the Southeast U.S. and Mid Atlantic areas saw some of the coldest temperatures since the mid 1990’s.  Parts of Kentucky experienced freezing temps of 8 below zero, the coldest they’ve seen in 10 years.

As many southern states saw temperatures plummet 30 to 40 degrees below normal-shattering records and closing schools and businesses, it left many wondering when this big chill would end.