For anyone who has young children in their home, whether they are your own or grand-children-you already know to baby proof and keep harmful products such as cleaners, medicines and pesticides locked away to avoid the chance they can get into them.  But there are many products people don’t know are poisonous to children.  Let’s take a quick look at some things we might leave within reach of little hands not knowing they can be deadly.

E-Cigarettes:  These stop smoking aids or smoker’s alternative use a significant amount of concentrated nicotine which is turned to vapor when used like a cigarette.  Many people are not aware that liquid nicotine is toxic and it would only take a small amount for an unintended death for a child.  Poison control calls involving e-cigs has greatly increased and more than half involve a child under the age of 5.

Adult vitamins/supplements:  These contain much higher amount of vitamins and minerals than a child’s body can handle.  Inducing these can permanently damage a child’s organs or even cause death.  For example, adult iron pills can cause a child to vomit blood and have bloody diarrhea because it causes liver failure and GI scarring.  Excess amounts of vitamin D can cause abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood, which can affect bones, tissues, and other organs. Left untreated, this condition can lead to high blood pressure, bone loss, and kidney damage.  Children often mistake pills for candy and are afraid to tell you how much they have taken or may be too young to know.  It’s best to keep these out of their reach even if they are in “child-proof” bottles.

Chapsticks/Lip Balms:  These are not meant for consumption but many have sweet scents that make them irresistibly to a young child.  The poisoning results from eating or swallowing lip moisturizers containing para-aminobenzoic acid which is added to absorb UV light and is often found in sunblock.  It can cause diarrhea, eye irritation, intestinal blockage, nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath (with extremely high doses.

Cosmetics:  Many cosmetics contain chemicals that are very harmful if ingested.  While there are too many cosmetic products to list as well as possible chemicals they contain-it’s best to keep these stored away.  Even chemical-free products that contain natural ingredients are dangerous when ingested.

Baby Care Products:  It’s hard to forget to keep the baby powder, baby oil and diaper rash creams out of reach when you seem to always be reaching for it but these are very harmful if inhaled or ingested.  While these products generally contain safe ingredients since they come in close contact with your child, in high amounts-they can be deadly.  If a child ingests enough baby oil, it can easily get into their lungs and coats the interior of the lungs not allowing air to pass through.  There is very little that EMT’s or doctors can do and the child will eventually suffocate or develop deadly pneumonia.

It only takes minutes for a young child to get into these things and even the most attentive parent or caregiver has to turn away at some point.  Purses, diaper bags and bathrooms are very dangerous areas for a young child to be exploring in so keeping these areas closed off can help you avoid a tragic outcome.