As our country mourns the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, CT, many wonder if there is any safe place left in this world.  If something so horrible can happen in a close-knit community in Connecticut, it can happen anywhere.  America’s heart is heavy now with the realization that something needs to change.


The world we live in is a very different place for our children and grandchildren than the one we grew up in.  Schools used to be safe, parents could send their little ones off to school and know they were being cared for and protected.  That world is gone and has been for a long time now.


This is not the first school shooting and not the first time innocence has been lost.  This instance is so tragic because there is no clear explanation as to why.  Typically we discover a shooter was bullied by the peers they seek out in their carnage.  This time-it seems-the motive was just to take as many helpless children as possible.  This time-the only explanation is pure evil at work.


There are many things that need to be changed in this world.  Every time there is a school shooting, the media focuses on the shooter.  Pictures are splashed across our TV screens and headlines rehash similar school shootings as if they are not fresh in our memories.  I won’t mention the shooter’s name in this writing because he does not deserve the space in our thoughts. 


Our focus should be on so many other things-other than this person who brought so much pain to our country.  How we can make schools safer?  How can we improve our health care system so that parents don’t feel helpless in their struggles if their child has emotional issues or a personality disorder?  Is gun control the answer?  Is there too much violence in movies, videogames, and on TV that desensitizes our children?  Is gun control, an issue that is brought up every time a shooting occurs, really the answer when drugs are illegal and yet they are still rampant?  Should the media focus more on the lives lost and what can be done to prevent this rather than in depth reports on a murderer?


These children are our future-they are why we build our families and fortunes.  They are the reason we created this wonderful country with all its freedoms and luxuries and yet these important issues have still fallen by the wayside.  We need to stop focusing on the monster that did this and instead find answers to these questions that WILL keep our children safer. 


December 14th, 2012 has changed us forever.  We can no longer be in denial that we are safe, that our children are safe.  Simple things like a school day, visit to the mall or a trip to the movies are not safe anymore.  Sadly, that IS the world we live in and things have to change.  Please say a prayer for those that lost their lives that day, those who survived, their families and the first responders who saw things they should never have to see. 


Kelly Campbell -Social Media Consultant