The Obama administration asked for clarification in a ruling by a federal judge in Florida.  U.S District Judge Roger Vinson to make clear that states cannot ignore the new health care laws while his ruling is being appealed.  Florida was among the 26 states that filed the lawsuit claiming Congress exceeded its authority by requiring citizens buy health insurance or pay tax penalties.


Vinson’s ruling on January 31st declared the entire health care reform law unconstitutional declaring the law a case of judicial overreaching.   As a result, some states are citing this ruling when refusing to cooperate with the health care reform law.  Alaska governor Sean Parnell said because of Vinson’s ruling that he would not implement the law but would pursue lawful market based solutions of its own.

Florida Attorney General’s spokeswoman says the ruling clearly states that the order equaled an injunction which legally halts something.  In the filing, the Justice Department stated the opposite.  Even though Vinson declared the law unconstitutional, all states in the lawsuit already have an obligation to comply with all the provisions of the Affordable Care Act while the case is being appealed.  The issue is expected to be resolved by the Supreme Court.